My goal is to open a world of fantasy and magic by entrancing listeners/players with music and sound. I see it as a challenge to make visuals look more alive with a distinctive and captivating sound and to find original solutions. I am specialized in composition, sound design and music.


Biography: The Finishing Move is a Berlin based sound and video production company run by Pablo Saitua. In 2005 Pablo graduated his Image and Sound study at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. During his studies he kicked of his music carrier as a DJ and played in some of the biggest clubs Holland had to offer. He composed soundtracks for theater pieces that where played internationally and has been working as a freelance sound designer/composer for some of the leading brands in the industry.


Clients: Samsung, MTV Holland ,Nuon , KPN Telecom, Spijker, Jetix, TempoTeam, Axe, Lipton Ice, Dancity, Zidtheater, Mediarepublic, Pop Stage Watt, Now&Wow, OFF-Courso, Hotel Arena, Theater festival De Parade.