Biography: The Finishing Move is a Berlin-based sound and video production company founded and led by Pablo Saitua. Pablo completed his studies in Image and Sound at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2005. During his academic journey, he began his music career as a DJ, performing at some of the most prominent clubs in the Netherlands. His talent for composing soundtracks led him to work on theater productions showcased internationally.

The last 10 years, Pablo has worked in both video editing and filmrecording, as well as in sound design and photography. Additionally, As a video editor, he has cut explainer and educational videos,trailers, documentary videos, and 360° videos, which were publishedfor the internet, social media, and events.

In 2021, Pablo took on the role of filming and co-directing a short film that was featured at both The Pool Festival in Berlin and the Alexandrinsky Festival in Saint-Petersburg, (prior to the war.)

Throughout his career, Pablo has worked with a wide range of esteemed clients, including Samsung, MTV Holland, Nuon, KPN Telecom, Spijker, Heineken, Jetix, TempoTeam, Axe, Lipton Ice, Dancity, Zidtheater, Mediarepublic, Pop Stage Watt, Now&Wow, OFF-Courso, Hotel Arena, and Theater festival De Parade