In this showreel, I proudly present a compilation of my work. The little videos that are visible  in and after the phone, are all projects I have worked on.

Social Media

I edited this video for Studio2b as part of a series of trailers specifically tailored for social media platforms. The footage for this video was captured using a 360° camera, allowing me to manipulate camera movements such as panning, tilting, and rotation during the post-production process. All camera movements were executed in post-production.


Here, I edited a video using photos and combined them with animations. I have edited numerous videos for Studio2B in this particular style. I personally selected the majority of the images used, and the photo of the thumbnail, The picture of the berufo and media box I created myself.

Audio Video Stuff - Social Media Channel

This will be the first episode of my own social media channel, I took charge of all audio and video aspects. Although my personal inclination is to work behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera, I challenged myself to step forward in this particular project.

I assumed multiple roles for this video, including filming, presenting, animating, and creating the Introtune.

Video Clip

Videoclip for Zebrabrown

This a teaser videoclip I made for my band Zebra Brown.

Camera and edit done by Pablo Saitua